Our men fellowship is called “Men of Purpose.” Soulwinners Glorious Assembly’s men focus on helping men build stronger relationship with God, build stronger friendships with each other, become loving husbands, fathers and fulfill their callings in the body of Christ.

We serve men of all ages, and from various cultures. Our hearts and souls are dedicated to introducing and connecting families to our Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only living God. It is our desire to help you find a place to study the Word of God and equip you to use the gifts that God has given to impact your world for Christ. (See Titus 2:2).

We develop and empower men with spiritual and moral values.  We help our people to stand out as role models in their homes, careers, communities, and in the church. We seek to establish a forum where men discuss the issue relating to men, and work for the progress of each other and the growth and prosperity of the church. As the elders at the gate, we were created to lead and have a place of leadership. The Men of Purpose meets monthly – every second Sunday of the month, immediately after service at the church. We also plan periodic events in collaboration with the women to foster the togetherness of the family unit. You are welcome to join us.

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